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Taptica support few different integration methods for publisher. in all the cases we support predefine set of banners sizes. in order to get the correct banner size the publisher need to send us the requested banner size in the request / Tag and the banner size must be one of the sizes in the table below.

the only exception is the SDK integration which know to recognize the container size and serve the most suitable banner and centralize it in the container.

Supported Banner Sizes

Size Type
88X31 Banner
216X36 Banner
216X54 Banner
300X50 Banner
320X50 Banner
468X60 Banner
480X50 Banner
640X100 Banner
728X90 Banner
768X90 Banner
1024X90 Banner
300X250 Banner & interstitial
320X480 interstitial
480X320 interstitial
160X600 Banner
120X600 Banner
250X350 Banner
640X960 interstitial
960X640 interstitial
720X1280 interstitial
1024X768 interstitial
768X1024 interstitial
1024X500 Banner & interstitial
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