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== Contents ==
== Contents ==
Version 2.0 includes the following services:
* [http://mediawiki.taptica.com/index.php/Advertisement_Services LogiaAd - Ads services]
* [http://wiki.taptica.com/index.php/Advertisement_Services TapticaAd - Ads services]
* [http://mediawiki.taptica.com/index.php/Advertisement_Services_Report LogiaAd - Ads reporting services]

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Taptica PayCore API for 3rd Party Applications

[edit] Summary

The purpose of this document is to describe the Taptica Web Service API version 2 intended to be consumed by Android SDK. The API is composed from three modules each concerned with a set of defined functionality and can be used to execute a purchase scenario or for information retrieval operations.

[edit] Technology

The Services supported all standard protocol.

[edit] Contents

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