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Taptica Bulk API allows you to get all the offers Meta data from your account. The offers you will get in the results will be attached from the offers that your account manager add to your offers list.


Since there are frequent changes in the production offer lists The publisher responsible to generate the request every hours. In case offer that was returned in previews response is no longer in the response it's mean you have to Remove the offer from production.


• The request is sent via an HTTP POST to the following URL: http://webapi.reports.taptica.com/v2/bulk?

• The body of the POST contains URL encoded key/value pairs separated by "&".

Example: Post to http://webapi.reports.taptica.com/v2/bulk? token=hSuz7l0OUjwVy4uGX2bfAw%3d%3d&platforms=iPhone&countries=IL,US&payoutType=&minPayout=0&categories=&format=csv

payoutType= select the requested offer payout ( Mostly Taptica support CPI offers) can be ether CPI CPC CPM minPayout= categories= format=csv

with the following data

• The request is sent via an HTTP POST to the following URL: http://ad.taptica.com/aff_ad

Request parameters

Parameter Name In Request Description Example RMandatory
Token token Your Taptica private token Token=hSuz7l0OUjwVy4uGX2bfAw%3d%3d&platforms Yes
Platforms platforms indicate the Platform of the requested offers. Can be either iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android. platforms=iPhone Yes
Countries countries Enter the country codes of the request offers.can be multiple selection.Note some time you won't get response since Taptica don’t have offer for the specified country. countries=US,UK Yes
PayoutType payoutType specified the requested offer payout. Can be either CPI, CPC, CPM, Mostly Taptica support CPI offers payoutType=cpi Yes
MinPayout minPayout specified the minimume Payout offer you would like to get in the response minPayout=1.2 No
Categories categories specified the offers Categories you would like to get in the response minPayout=Games,Travel%20and%20Local, No
Format format specified the response type can be either JSON,XML,CSV minPayout=Games,Travel%20and%20Local, Yes
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