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Taptica Bulk API allows you to pull the offers Meta data from our servers, the offers inventory will be associated with your account by Taptica account managers.



Since there are frequent changes in the production offers list,The publisher is responsible to generate the request every hour. In case an offer was returned in a previous response and is no longer in the response, it means you have to Remove the offer from production.

Taptica is limiting the numbers of daily requests per country,once you exceed 3000 requests you will not get response.


• The request is sent via an HTTP "Get request" to the following URL: https://api.taptica.com/v2/bulk?

• The body of the POST contains URL encoded key/value pairs separated by "&".

Example: Get to https://api.taptica.com/v2/bulk?token=4rxhjspwWQDZscvPgC6jqw%3d%3d&platforms=iPhone&countries=IL,US&payoutType=&minPayout=&categories=games&format=XML&size=320X480,320X50,728X90&version=1

Request parameters

Parameter Name In Request Description Example RMandatory
token Token Your Taptica private token Token=hSuz7l0OUjwVy4uGX2bfAw%3d%3d Yes
platforms Platforms Indicate the Platform of the requested offers. Can be either iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android. platforms=iPhone Yes
Countries countries Enter the country codes of the requested offers. Can be multiple selection.Note sometimes you won't get a response if Taptica dosen't have an offer for the specified country. countries=US,BG No
payout Type payoutType Specifies the requested offer payout. Can be either CPA, CPC, CPM. Mostly, Taptica supports CPA offers. payoutType=cpa No
minPayout Min Payout Specifies the minimum payout offer you would like to get in the response. (if you do not want to filter by country leave it empty) minPayout=1.2 No
categories Categories Specifies the offer categories you would like to get in the response. categories=Games,Travel and Local, No
version Version Add additional data to the response as offer ID version=1 No
noCreative No creative No creative allow the publisher to decide if the response will include the creative or won't (the value can be false or true) noCreative=True No
size Creative size allow the publisher to decide which creative size will be include in the response (in case he wise to get specific banner size) size=320X480,320X50,728X90 No
format Format Specifies the response type. json(Default),jsonp,xml,csv. xml, csv, json,jsonp No
callback JSONP callback Specifies the callback you will get in the jsonp response what ever is your callback (for example callback=runme) no


Response parameters

Parameter Description Example
OfferId Taptica internal offer ID. 4960
Offer Name Taptica internal offer name. Underworld Empire- US- iPhone
Description Offer description. Play with MILLIONs of players NOW in the LARGEST, most INTENSE, SOCIAL CRIME MMO!
Platform Supported platform. iPhone
MinOsVersion Minimum OS version. 4.3
MarketAppId Google / Appstore application id. 555150599
PreviewLink Link to the application in Appstore. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/underworld-empire/id555150599
TrackingLink Taptica basic tracking link *(please see explanation below) http://clk.taptica.com/aff_c?tt_ls=b&offer_id=19604&aff_id=3125018&tt_appid=test&tt_bannerid=123554
IsDeviceIdMandatory when set to true, it means that the application must get at least one of the device parameters specified in the "DeviceIds". false / true
DeviceIds Indicates the offer supporeted device id, in case the IsDeviceIdMandatory is true, Taptica must get at least one of the devie parameters. (returen as list). tt_mac,tt_mac_sha1,tt_mac_md5,tt_idfa,tt_idfa_sha1,tt_idfa_md5
SupportedCountries Indicates the offer's supported countries (returned as list). US
PayoutType Indicates the offer Payout Type, can be either CPA, CPC, CPM. CPA
Payout Indicates the offer Payout. 1.2
DailyBudget Returns the remaining budget for specific publisher in US Dollars or return unavailable when there is no limit. Unlimited / 1500
Category Shows the offer categories as sets in Taptica system (returned as list). Entertainment / Games
Creative provides the creative data as Banner ID, Banner Name, Creative Link, Creative Type, Creative Size. (returned as list)
Id 49552
Name 20130327115527-DJ_Tira_static_Banner_320X320.gif
CreativeLink http://media.go2speed.org/brand/files/taptica/3530/20130327115527-DJ_Tira_static_Banner_320X320.gif
CreativeType banner
CreativeSize 320x320
BlockedSubAffiliate Unauthorized sub affiliate, Specifies the sub affiliate of the affiliate which are unauthorized to run the offer. Unavailable / 1265 ...
BannerText Offer promotion text. Get Free Application Now!
AppIconURL link to the application Icon on app store or Google play https://lh6.ggpht.com/LmBa6jgU5zTnvb4G52ZYeCr2CAq8BEB9atNBTGkyZXIsEZTjxDA_F7YV6l1t9gpBEw=w300-rw
AppProviderName The Application Provider Name Playtika LTD
AppName The application official name as it on app store or Google play Candy Crush Sega


  • Taptica supports 4 parameters for publisher use.
Parameter Description Example
Pipeline Data Used for any information that the publisher may want to send us upon click and get back via S2S postback pd=abcd1234
Sub affiliate Used for sending us your sub affiliate id upon click. The publisher can get it back via S2S postback tt_sub_aff=13461d46
Affiliate impression ID Used for impression id that the publisher may want to send and get back via S2S postback (alfa numeric) tt_aff_impid=1321sads35sa
Affiliate click ID Used for click id that the publisher may want to send and get back via S2S postback (alfa numeric) tt_aff_clickid=qa143287w

In order to use them the publisher need to add them to the TrackingLink as in the above example.

Taptica Device Keys

Parameter Name In Request Description Example Daynamic?
IMEI tt_imei Use for send Taptica Plain IMEI or when you don’t know what is the format of IMEI you have. tt_imei=86453214567892 Yes
IMEI SHA1 tt_imei_sha1 Use for send Taptica IMEI in SHA1 format tt_imei_sha1=35eb6d1fc48b502e239b6449e9df534e415cad95 Yes
IMEI MD5 tt_imei_md5 Use for send Taptica IMEI in MD5 format tt_imei_md5=946cc1baf8bcaec827bb1828cc6d9a94 Yes
Android Advertising ID tt_advertising_id Use for send Taptica Android advertising plain ID tt_advertising_id=3ee0149b4ccef71bs85d24derg Yes
Android Advertising ID SHA1 tt_advertising_id_sha1 Use for send Taptica Android advertising ID in SHA1 format tt_advertising_id=32f2e52e8157fcb729d799d1ca69160df2edf8974 Yes
Android Advertising ID MD5 tt_advertising_id_md5 Use for send Taptica Android advertising ID in MD5 format tt_advertising_id=2315w52e8157fcb729d799d1ca691608speofd2 Yes
Mac Address tt_mac Use for send Taptica Plain Mac Address or when you don’t know what is the format of the Mac Address you have. (upper case with colon) tt_mac=44:2A:60:G5:GE:G5 Yes
Mac Address SHA1 tt_imei_sha1 Use for send Taptica Mac Address in SHA1 format (upper case with colon) tt_mac_sha1=fa6bb084ae52461328eb9f06039be222ef287246 Yes
Mac Address MD5 tt_mac_md5 Use for send Taptica Mac Address in MD5 format (upper case with colon) tt_mac_md5=80efe2256d548c85ca2f2d18de241a80 Yes
IDFA tt_idfa Use for send Taptica Plain IDFA or when you don’t know what is the format of IDFA you have. tt_idfa=771468523E3346ABAA04E207BBAF094B Yes
IDFA SHA1 tt_idfa_sha1 Use for send Taptica IDFA in SHA1 format tt_idfa_sha1=ee5c19f8cf370b5978f4b9f33343a5e79c58df9a Yes
IDFA MD5 tt_idfa_md5 Use for send Taptica IDFA in MD5 format tt_idfa_md5=bb1e0285fbb97ba83fdb4e72514d62f5 Yes

Category List

The optional categories names are:

Financial Services
Health and Fitness
Shopping and Retail
Travel and Local
Books and Reference
News and weather

Error messages

Error Code Error Text Error description
0 OK Success
100 Not Modified. There was no data to return, please try again. if consist please contact Taptica Support
200 Bad Request. Bad Request for parameter + the bad parameter for example platform with value iPhtone
300 Unauthorized. Authorization error. Authentication credential are missing or incorrect.
301 Invalid Token. The token that was delivered is invalid
400 General Error. Any other error that does not fall under the above errors

Sample MXL Response


 <OfferName>Test Offer Black - iPhone</OfferName>
 <OfferDescription>Test Offer Black - iPhone</OfferDescription>
 <MarketAppId>Test Offer Black</MarketAppId>
 <Category>books and reference</Category>
 <Category>news and weather</Category>
 <Category>financial services</Category>
 <Category>health and fitness</Category>
 <Category>shopping and retail</Category>
 <Category>travel and local</Category>


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