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Advertiser Tracking

Taptica work as mediation layer between the advertisers and the publisher. We need to be prompt by the advertiser whenever conversion take place and notified the publisher that conversion was close. this section refer to the post back Taptica need to get from the advertiser in order to close conversion.

Mainly Taptica support two type of post backs:

• LSR - Use for tracking conversion with third party tracking system like Mobile App Tracking, Adx, Appsflyer, Kochava MdotM...

• Aff_U - Use for tracking conversion without third party tracking system. the user is redirect directly to the market ( Google Paly or Appstore)


Tracking With Third Party System

As mention above there are many teaking sulotion in the market and each one of them have diffent device parameters per application. The basic tracking link is:{tt_cid}&tt_adv_id=xyz&tt_adv_sub={tt_adv_sub}&tt_time={tt_time}

on tope of it there are unique device parameters that send to the traking system upon click and need to be send back to us upon convertion:

Taptica Keys

Parameter Name In Request Description Example Daynamic?
Click ID tt_cid Taptica Internal unique click ID which was sent on the click URL tt_cid=2ab818fe8e574f41838780cb2f6230da Yes
Advertiser ID tt_adv_id Taptica internal unique advertiser id. tt_adv_id=123456 No
Advertiser click ID tt_adv_sub The advertiser unique conversion ID tt_adv_sub=dc1816eac806878e8d1d5a8ee9406a3f71407895 Yes
Conversion Time tt_time The converstion time, format "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.fff" encoded as UTF-8 tt_time=2013-03-27 23:30:35.356 Yes
IDFA tt_deviceid3 The device IDFA tt_deviceid3=dc1816eac80686a3f7140789578e8d1d5a8ee940 Yes
Mac Address tt_deviceid4 The Android/iOS device mac address tt_deviceid4=44:2A:60:G5:GE:G5 Yes
IP Address i Client IP Address i= Yes
Localization loc The localization (Language & Country) that is currently chosen for the device ,following the standards of ISO 639-1,ISO 3166-1. loc=en_GB No
Network type nt The type of network the device is currently connected to ("wifi" or "carrier") nt=carrier No,
Marital status marital Marital status of the user. options are: "single", "divorced", "engaged", "relationship", or "swinger" marital=single No
Income income Annual income (in USD) , e.g. 10000. income=10000 No
Interests interests a comma separated list of keywords denoting user's area of interests. interests=cars,sports,F1,stocks No
Education edu Education level of the user ("UG" or "PG") edu=UG No
Resolution r Resolution of the ad request r=320x50 Yes
Ad Type t Ad type - Text (1), Banner (2), Html (3), All (0), Video (5) t=2 Yes
Gender gender Gender, Male, Female, All gender=male No
Age age Age of the user age=27 No
Date Of Birth dob User's Date of birth(Format: yyyyMMdd) dob=19820211 No
Latitude lat Location by latitudes lines lat=40.714353 No
Longitude lon Location by longitude lines lon=-74.005973 No
Response Type rt JSON=0, XML=1, XHTML=2, types of response rt=0 No
Category Name cat Specified the offer category (spaces should be replace with %20) cat=Games,Travel%20and%20Local, No
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