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Taptica Keys full list

Parameter Name Macro/Key Description Example Comments
Click ID tt_cid Taptica internal unique click id tt_cid=21cb2c997ccb4e3cb1bae8899cfb0586
Advertiser ID tt_adv_id Taptica advertiser ID tt_adv_id=950
Offer id offer id Tatica Offer ID offer id=2041810
Affiliate id aff_id Taptica affiliate ID aff_id=3665690
Publisher sub affiliate tt_sub_aff Publisher sub affiliate tt_sub_aff=9a52s3
Publisher impression id tt_aff_impid Publisher impression id tt_aff_impid=3a24wwss59wesdae2
Publisher click id tt_aff_clickid Publisher click id tt_aff_clickid=34965995swe113
PD pd Free Key for affiliate data pd=auhsbw575266
Device platform tt_OS Device Platform Includes the OS version tt_OS=IOS_7.1
Device model tt_model The user device model tt_model=samsung_gt_i9300_ver1_suban43/Galaxy S III/GT-I9300
Country (ISO 2) tt_country Country code ISO 2 tt_country=US
Country (ISO 3) tt_country3 Country code ISO 3 tt_country3=USA
Market app id tt_appid Application ID as it in Google or Appstore tt_appid=com.taptica.freegamezone
Publisher source tt_app_name The source of the traffic tt_app_name=com.taptica.freegamezone Or only in special cases.
User IP tt_ip The user IP tt_ip=
City tt_city The city origin of the click tt_city=Albany
Region tt_region The region origin of the click tt_region=New York
Creative ID tt_banner_id Taptica internal creative id tt_banner_id=172028
Time tt_time Transaction Time tt_time=2014-06-09 04:19:14,413
Time tt_unixtime conversion time - in unix format tt_time=1417480200
Offer Revenue tt_revenue Offer Revenue tt_revenue=1.2 Only for Advertiser
Publisher payout tt_payout Publisher Pay out tt_payout=1 Only for publishers
Android ID tt_android_id Use for send Taptica Plain Android ID or when you don’t know what is the format of Android ID you have. tt_android_id=3ee0149b4ccef71b
Android ID SHA1 tt_android_id_sha1 Use for send Taptica Android ID in SHA1 format tt_android_id_sha1=4f2e52e8157fcb729d799d1ca69160df2edf0cd4
Android ID MD5 tt_android_id_md5 Use for send Taptica Android ID in MD5 format tt_android_id_md5=155551c45efa667f9b470629ae9c0365
Android Advertising ID tt_advertising_id Use for send Taptica Android advertising plain ID tt_advertising_id=3ee0149b4ccef71bs85d24derg
Android Advertising ID SHA1 tt_advertising_id_sha1 Use for send Taptica Android advertising ID in SHA1 format tt_advertising_id=32f2e52e8157fcb729d799d1ca69160df2edf8974
Android Advertising ID MD5 tt_advertising_id_md5 Use for send Taptica Android advertising ID in MD5 format tt_advertising_id=2315w52e8157fcb729d799d1ca691608speofd2
IDFA tt_idfa Use for send Taptica Plain IDFA or when you don’t know what is the format of IDFA you have. tt_idfa=771468523E3346ABAA04E207BBAF094B
IDFA SHA1 tt_idfa_sha1 Use for send Taptica IDFA in SHA1 format tt_idfa_sha1=ee5c19f8cf370b5978f4b9f33343a5e79c58df9a
IDFA MD5 tt_idfa_md5 Use for send Taptica IDFA in MD5 format tt_idfa_md5=bb1e0285fbb97ba83fdb4e72514d62f5
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