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Link Integration

Please see the below setup for our basic link integration

For each new campaign you will be getting our links (see below) and creative files

The below is our basic tracking URL:<Taptica_OfferID>&tt_appid=<universal_application_id>&aff_id=<Taptica_affiliateID>

In addition we would like to receive in the above URL the following extra parameters :

tt_idfa – the end user IDFA parameter for iOS devices.

tt_advertising_id - Google AID for Android.

tt_sub_aff – the ID of the specific sub publisher/ site/application where our ads are placed

tt_app_name – the name of the specific application/web site where our ads are placed

The more parameters you will be able to pass us, the more optimization and higher level/tire campaigns our account managers will associate with your account

Taptica supports S2S postbacks - please send us your postback URL and specify which parameters you wish to pass us upon click, these parameters will be fired back to you upon conversion.

Please see for more optional parameters to be used for both tracking link and postback.

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