Retrieve Report By Appplication

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This method is used to send request to Taptica's AdCore servers for retrieving ads reports. The method will pass to Taptica's AdCore servers unique IDs identifying the applications and a set of metadata describing the request.

End Point

Service end point:

[ Version 4.0 ]



Method Signatures

AdCoreReportInfo[] RetrieveReportByApplications(
   Authentication auth,
   string[] applicationIds,
   DateTime start,
   DateTime end,
   string adNetwork = null)

Return Value
Type: AdCoreReportInfo[]
Return value has the following properties:

Property Type Description
Result OutcomeEnum The Result is an enumeration, possible value: Fail, Success
ErrorCode Int Specific error code. AdCore can define these.
ResultDescription string The description of the method call result in case of error

Parameters Description

Parameter Description
auth Type: Authentication
Hold the authentication tokens for AdCore.
This object has these properties:
A string having the username for used to identify on AdCore.
Password for above username.

applicationIds Type: string[], in UUID format with ID of application as provisioned by AdCore.
start Type: DateTime , start date to begin the report.
end Type: DateTime , end date to end the report.
adNetwork Type: string, filter by ad network.

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