Retrieve Report By Zone Id

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(End Point)
(End Point)
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A simple HTTP GET request of the form:  
A simple HTTP GET request of the form:
'''Parameters Description'''<br/>
'''Parameters Description'''<br/>

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This document is intended for software engineers, product or project managers responsible for the implementation of Taptica's API for reports.

Retrieve Report By Zone Id

This method is used to send request to Taptica's Core servers for retrieving ads reports. The method will pass to Taptica's Core servers unique IDs identifying the Zone Id and a set of metadata describing the request.

End Point

Ad requests to the Taptica's API comprise:

A simple HTTP GET request of the form:

Parameters Description

Parameter Description
token Authentication token provided by Taptica's Core
zoneid Zone Id as provisioned by Taptica's Core.
from Date , start date to begin the report. (format:YYYYMMDD)
to Type: Date , end date to end the report. (format:YYYYMMDD)
format xml, json or csv responses.

Return Value
XML, JSON or CSV dependent on the format value, default value XML

Reporting Examples


<?xml version="1.0"?>
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