SDK Ads Introduction

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Taptica's ADs servers provides a unified view of campaign performance from conception, throughout every ad server to completion, providing a one-stop-shop for ads. The Taptica's ADs system was developed to function as a complete filing system for commercial mobile applications, applied in real-time relevant advertising. The system enhances the effectiveness of marketing programs drawing on the extensive information stored within the user’s mobile device. In any given situation, the user is exposed to the most appropriate advertisement. This is achieved by means of a smart algorithm which incorporates unique user information, matched with the most relevant content.

The Taptica's ADs system offers application developers a tool that allows convenient connection to a number of different ad-networks where effective user-relevant advertising is displayed. The system optimizes the platform for effective campaigns, based on the adaptation of marketing programs according to unique user characteristics, location and current events. Campaign efficacy is determined by an optimal network channel finding and profit publisher.

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