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''' Taptica web Site '''
''' Taptica web Site '''

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TapticaAd™ enables you, the developer, to place revenue generating advertisements within your applications. TapticaAd™ provides a unified view of campaign performance from conception, through every ad server to completion; providing a one-stop-shop for ads. The system was developed to function as a complete filing system for commercial mobile applications, applied in real-time relevant advertising. The TapticaAd™ system enhances the effectiveness of marketing programs, drawing on the extensive information stored within the user’s mobile device. Consequently, the user is always exposed to the most appropriate advertising.

This is achieved by means of a smart algorithm, which incorporates unique user information, matched with the most relevant content. The powerful algorithm applied by TapticaAd™ uses profiling of the target audience based on end-user clicks and clues that your application provides (an optional, yet recommended feature). Moreover, TapticaAd™ offers an intuitive advertisement integration solution with the assistance of our SDK. All you need to do is follow the five steps described in this document, while the TapticaAd™ system takes care of everything else.



Taptica web Site

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