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Taptica Services Wiki

Welcome to Taptica,

Taptica is a performance based mobile ad network for premium brands, which delivers the perfect combination of technology and profound mobile app marketing know-how. Our goal is to connect advertisers with their most relevant audiences and help publishers maximize their full earning potential

Taptica - performance ad network – the current technology we are leading is for a full monetization solution for publishers. App and mobile web developer can benefit from a one simple integrations that will generate for them best eCPMs, by rotating and optimizing advertising products on their locations with optimization tools that will maximize the results. Advertisers and their offers are being pulled through eCPM optimizers, from a proprietary CPA network and a list of top mobile ad networks as a backfill. a one-stop shop for in-app payments, distribution and monetization wiki that can take your apps a whole lot further. We all know apps love exposure. But exposure is nothing without creating the right revenue. Taptica was established with that exact thought in mind: offer developers a full package of monetization options for all carriers as well as worldwide distribution with a whole lot of benefits.

This wiki provides documentation for the Taptica services, as well as a guide to the Taptica API for Service Providers Customers.

If you have additional information or further clarity on related subjects, we encourage you to contribute to this Wiki. Submit your contributions to: support

Getting Started

New partners and potential partners, this information is for you!

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